Custom Packaging

We're all about custom packaging here. Whether it's for private/white labels or simply packing your ingredients for you, we tailor everything to our clients' specs. From what's inside to how it'swrapped and the label design, we've got you covered.

Private Label Teas
Ever thought about making your own line of teas and herbal drinks?We've got you covered from start to finish! Our services include everything from coming up with your brand to getting those tasty teas into your customers' hands.We handle it all – from designing your brand to producing and delivering the final product. We'll find the best ingredients, test them in the lab, and create unique blends that pack a punch. 
What We Can Do For You
Avenrich is a trusted tea supplier and exporter based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We specialise in private/white label tea to match your needs. Over the years, we'veperfected our factory and processes to make sure we deliver the best quality tea products. Our team will take care of everything from designing to packaging your customised tea, so you can focus on selling and building your brand.We offer a variety of tea bag sizes and styles, along with different packaging options, from tins to wooden chests. You can choose from single or double chamber biodegradable tea bags, without staples and plastic.We've got plenty of options to make your private label tea stand out!
Factory And Warehouse
Our production facility and warehouse are situated together with our main offices at Avenrich. It's a smart setup because we can hire skilled workers and enjoy logistical perks. We're thankful to employ people who help our organisation thrive. Their hard work builds strong bonds with our clients, and when we invest in their lives and skills, our business grows too.
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